La Thuile Ski School

Locally, the activity of the ski instructors is organized and coordinated through the work of the ski school duly authorized by decree of the Regional Councilor for Tourism.

The ski instructors who are part of the ski school's staff are more than 63 unit. Our ski instructors also include world-class athletes of the past and present and many Federal coaches in the various disciplines

Our Story

With the closure of the coal mine in the 1960s, the young people of La Thuile had to find new jobs, and it was in those years that tourism took its first steps, although the first ski lift came into operation on 1960. 1948. This led young people to approach a new profession: The Ski Instructor.

At first, they were forced to emigrate to more renowned and well-known ski resorts, but in the 1964 Delfino Blanchet founded the first RUTOR SKI SCHOOL. A ski school destined to expand and move to the 1971 in the current location thanks to the industriousness of some young masters. The headquarters were obtained from the renovation of an old ruin known as the "house of the ogre".

In the following years it expanded to the current 63 Masters. The growth and expansion of the School has coincided with the establishment and expansion of the ski resort of La Thuile and the consequent arrival of tourists, including foreigners, And ski instructors have been able to adapt to this new tourism trend. Thus was born the current figure of the instructor who, in addition to being a characteristic figure and point of reference for many generations of skiers, has also become an impeccable leader of groups by learning, with good will in addition to French English, Increasingly universal language.

The Rutor Ski School, that in the 1995 has become an Association under the name of. "SCUOLA DI SCI LA THUILE" continues its long tradition at the service of those who want to learn or perfect the practice of this beautiful sport by adapting and following the evolution of skiing. You can therefore find, Alongside the classic alpine ski instructor, Nordic skiing and snow boarding, Instructors specialized in teaching telemark, freeride, carving and snow blade. In the teaching staff there are also ski instructors and mountain guides ready to accompany lovers of off-piste skiing on adventurous descents, Master Trainers (Ski Club) Instructors to prepare future aspiring masters.

In addition to its beautiful headquarters in La Thuile, The Ski School has a second and new location directly on the slopes of Les Suches in 2.200 altitude to offer an immediate service to customers.